A fully-dismantlable venue made out of shipping containers, the infamous 'vagina stadium' and an 80,000-seat ground for the final, complete with outdoor air conditioning:

2022 Qatar World Cup is just about six months away ahead of the tournament's kick-off on November 21

All eight venues are situated within a 21-mile radius of central Doha and will be linked by a metro system

One of the venues is made up of 974 shipping containers and is fully dismantlable once the World Cup ends

Al Janoub Stadium is one of Qatar's most controversial venues, with its design being compared to a vagina

But where is the final held and what can travelling fans expect? Here's our guide to the World Cup stadiums

In just over six months the 2022 FIFA World Cup will get underway in Qatar and the eight stadiums that will play host to the tournament are primed and ready. They are also eye-catching to say the least.


One of the stadiums is designed like a traditional Middle Eastern woven cap, another is made of shipping containers and one venue has infamously been likened to a woman's private parts.


While they are striking in design, the eight venues – the fewest since the 16-team 1978 World Cup in Argentina – pose a logistical relief to the fans attending arguably the most controversial World Cup ever.